Business Representationin Argentina

We team up with top brands from the downstream market
to offer services to oil and industrial companies.

Our partners

In order to strengthen the bond with our clients, hold our position in the gas station market and keep providing the best and thorough service, we offer products and technologies from top international brands.
Every product sold by Lihué Ingeniería SA within the borders of Argentina has a warranty that covers both labor and original spare parts from the manufacturer, currently stocked in Argentina to guarantee an immediate response to any warranty or maintenance claims.

Oil downstream industry:

Wayne Fueling System

  • Liquid fuel pumps and dispensers. Fusion pump monitoring and telemetry.

Franklin Fueling Systems

  • Submersible pumps and leak detectors
  • Non-metallic piping for UPP fuel
  • Non-metallic piping for electrical wiring

Water Treatment Industry:

AdEdge  Water Technologies:

  • Solutions, products and technologies to remove arsenic, iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, fluoride, nitrates and uranium from water.

Wayne Fueling Systems

Since 1996, we have been exclusive partners with Wayne Fueling Solutions, a leading company in the market of fuel dispensers and automation equipment for gas stations. They manufacture pumps, dispensers and develop automation systems for gas stations using their FUSION management and communication monitor and their GLOBAL Fusion telemetry and leak detection system. Our squad of trained technicians ensures the correct installation and maintenance of these technologies all throughout Argentina.

Franklin Fueling Systems

We are exclusive partners with Franklin Fueling Systems, a US-based company that sells Fe Petro submersible piping for fuel tanks in 1.5, 2 and 3 HP, with fixed and variable speeds, and electric engines, leak detectors and piping accessories for pumps. Engines and pumps are certified under IRAM standards, complying with local regulations of electrical safety (92/98).
We also offer non-metallic UPP piping for fuel and the recently approved non-metallic piping for electrical wiring, manufactured by Franklin Fueling Systems in the UK and USA.
All piping and accessories used in our projects are manufactured by Franklin Fueling Systems. Their advanced technology makes their non-metallic piping for hydrocarbons flexible, lightweight and easy to install. The fittings and pipes are electrofused, preventing any leaks in the couplings.


We teamed up with AdEdge Water Technologies, a US-based leading company in the development of solutions for water treatment through adsorption. We treat contaminated water with specialized technologies, products and solutions that remove contaminants such as arsenic, iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, fluoride, nitrates and uranium. AdEdge Water Technologies’ Bayoxide® E33 adsorption media is the industry standard for arsenic removal. This granular ferric oxide media reduces up to 99% total arsenic, including both Arsenic (III) and Arsenic (V).