Pumps and Gas Station Maintenance

Market leaders with top expertise

For the Downstream Market

Since 1996, we have been providing services and solutions for the downstream market with our expertise in every aspect of gas station and fuel distribution setup.
Our services include maintenance of gasoline pumps and underground hydrocarbon storage facilities, and overall gas station maintenance. We sell and install gasoline pumps, fuel dispensers, submersible fuel pumps, non-metallic pipes for hydrocarbons and explosion-proof electrical equipment. We also offer an IT system for gasoline pump monitoring and tank telemetry that allows gas stations to manage the whole process from fuel reception to dispatch, adjust prices and assess stock, among other features.

Plus, we help our clients rebrand, install pipes and perform minor works at liquid fuel filling areas.
Our experience, our efficient logistics and our fleet of utility vehicles, trucks, tow trucks and other equipment allow us to provide our clients with the best compliance, safety and quality standards.
We have a specially equipped, certified electronic lab to respond to any repair need efficiently and safely, optimizing the useful life of electronic components. Our lab follows our quality policy, endorsed by ISO 9001-2015.
We have original spare parts for all the equipment we sell and our warranty covers all of Argentina. From the supply and installation to the maintenance of all gas station equipment, our capacity to provide a thorough service to all of our clients is what makes us stand out.

Gasoline Pump and Tank Maintenance

We perform maintenance works on gasoline pumps and tanks routinely and preventively, ensuring all units are working properly. We also carry out corrective maintenance to get the units that require prompt intervention back to operating normally in no time.
Additionally, we now offer a tank filtering service, which guarantees the removal of water and impurities without emptying the tanks.

Overall Gas Station Maintenance

We perform overall routine preventive maintenance of electrical, health, mechanical and electromechanical infrastructure and equipment such as distribution boards, AC units, fridges, air compressors, hydraulic lifts, generator sets and facilities for chain diners.
From our headquarters at San Martín, Province of Buenos Aires, we deal with any issues related to general maintenance, AC units, fridges and convenience stores.

Installation of Liquid Fuel Pumps and Dispensers

Since 1995, we have been Wayne Fueling Systems’ sole representative in Argentina, installing pumps and dispensers across the country and providing technical and commercial support for all the product lines.
We guarantee that the calibration of all volumetric equipment and the sealing of the electricity meters follow with applicable regulations. We also file the applicable affidavits with the Metering Office of the Argentine Commerce Secretary and with the Argentine Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI).

CNG Equipment Maintenance

We have technical and professional squads specialized in preventive and corrective maintenance of compressors and gasoline pumps in ASPRO CNG stations, and the necessary materials and spare parts to guarantee their correct operation.

Gas Station Automation System Maintenance

Our staff is qualified for assisting, installing and providing after-sale support in the automation process of gas stations.
We offer Wayne's Fusion system in gas stations across Argentina, helping our clients integrate their corrective and preventive maintenance needs in one single platform.

Wayne's FUSION system
- Gasoline pumps and dispensers monitoring
- Tank telemetry
- Liquid sensors
- Steam and atmospheric sensors
- Staff and fleet supervision

Client Assistance Service

We are committed to providing top-notch after-sales support. In 2000, we started our Client Assistance Service, where all information related to each incident is received and analyzed, allowing for faster troubleshooting.
Our specialized staff is available 24/7 to deal with any emergency. As soon as our technical staff is notified of an incident, it is uploaded to our database, classified right away, and passed onto the on-site support squads. Once every issue is solved, we document the process and register it in our statistical database, an important management tool accessible by our clients.

Rotary Lines: 4724-0093 / 4724-0470 / 4724-0905

Emergency Celphone: 011-15-4053-4063